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How to get gigs ......well, you can plead: "Go on, guv, give us a gig - we're really good. Honest, guv". Or you can have professional video showreel made (rather than your mate with a wobbly camcorder & dodgy sound which makes people look amateur and not worth booking!)

'What makes a good video showreel?' For artists and musicians the answer is the same. We asked many bookings managers who replied the same every time: "actually seeing an act performing 'live' - anyone can sound good with a studio CD - we want to see what they're really like on stage."

Fair points. After all, no-one wants to risk booking an act that is rubbish - so show them that you are actually very, very good. Would you book somebody without seeing AND hearing them perform?

So we took their points on board and ended up with these examples, which are proving VERY popular and bringing in HUGE amounts of work. You will be amazed by our prices and, in fact, each of these videos paid for themselves within days of being shown.